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product design

His and Her’s

is a system of electrical household appliances for a couple- before, during and after their relationship. The combinations reflect the needs of two people while being single or engaged. When they fall in love, also their objects will join. This union creates a bonus function!

And what if there's any trouble? Simple, he and her take his and her's and both turn to their single life... there's no need of a laywer!

The experiment was focused on topics in the kitchen domain such as cocktails and breakfast. Every combination consists of a feminine and masculine component which reflect women's and men's stereotypes under functional and visual- aesthetic aspects.


He, the ice-crasher, and she, miss juice extractor, in version badly in love share the carafe that mescolates directly crashed ice and fresh juices. Et voilà, sorbets and cocktails!



The breakfaststation is using the heat of both elements- from the minioven above and the toaster below- to assure a homogenous cooking of waffles. Mh!!



is the transformation of the fridge - from a static object into a living system. This is to make those values to return reality, that distinguish human savoir faire and that conserve the meanings of the relationship between men and food.

The analysis of the refrigeration cycle has shown that electricity as input generates two different outputs, or better to say coldness and warmth. Only the low temperature, however, is being used in the refrigerated area as opposed to the the high temperature that is emitted by the compressor and dispersed without being turned into a resource.

The basic idea is to move the compressor from its classical position in the back up to the height of the countertop. By doing this the heat is placed to allow that it can be reintroduced into other actions within household production and transformation processes.



Penholder designed for the Audi service centre in Trier (Germany). Realisation at Martin Fedder’s design studio in Münster. The three pen supporting slits are inspired by the intersecting line of Audi’s logo.


Do ut des

This is an air purifier that counts on the pro-active participation of the final user. The uv-light inside not only is a technical parameter to eliminate virus and bacteries but it also visualizes the level of filter absoprtion through reduction of transparency. Once they are satured the user is called to clean them. The shape is conceived to respect the present air flow in the room.

Do ut des

lighting design


American Roulette table with backlit bases made of real woods incorporating optical fibers.

Prototype presented at the International Gaming Expo in London.



Black Jack table with translucent Corian® panels backlit by energy saving Led technology.

Prototype presented at the International Gaming Expo in London.


Traves bridge

Lighting project of a bridge with medieval base and recently restructured crossover for the municipality of the Lanzo Valley (Italy).

Traves Bridge

graphic design

Some samples...

to start with a handout for the committee "Non grattiamo il cielo di Torino".


about me

My favourite tools

sewing machine, sissors, swimming goggles, drilling machine,
cooking spoon, preserving jars, bike, piano...

My Languages

mothertongue > German
proficient user > English, Italian
basics > French

My working experience

industrial designer, interior designer,
German teacher, simultaneous translator, interpretor,
marketing and sales assistant, customer care, waitress...

My studies

design > eco product system lighting interior graphic.

My searching

on the best way how to thinkingly,sustainably and smilingly
share my life still goes on...

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